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"A record store without tapes is like a convenience store without cigarettes." The Best Scientist, Albert Einstein™

Tapes are sent out with pressure pads intact and are guaranteed for 30 days.

All vintage tapes are graded conservatively on a scale of: Fair/As Is (maybe a rare tape that looks great but is having play issues); Fair/Good/As Is (Tape plays, doesn’t look great, and not guaranteed- think a wonky copy of Combat Rock for $5); Good or Good + (Listed as Good or G - Looks meh, plays fine); VG or VG+ (Low or high range of Very Good); NM- (Near Mint minus, played 1-3x tops, looks killer); Mint/Sealed/New/Or Old Stock (Generally perceived as imoeccable). Indie tapes will indicate if they are new, otherwise will generally be in VG+/NM Range. I try to note if there is a crappy J card or graffiti etc on the tape. 99% of photos are of the tape you are buying-  certain instances apply where I see no visible difference in quality when replacing a sold tape with a fresh copy.)

In instances where a grade is not listed please assume Very Good.

Some tapes look shitty in photos because I’m a shitty photographer. I now generally photograph the j cards outside of the plastic case. I do my best to send all tapes in non cracked plastic cases but I use recycled cases- I don’t have a budget to buy brand new tape cases. I’ll get there!🤓

Any issues or business inquiries please email Want me to stock something from you or for you? Please lmk.

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