Snooze List

Well y’all, my credit cards are maxed out and the business tanked in Feb so it’ll be a while until I’ve paid down some debt and can get the store up to speed. I’m not down for the count- it’s just that after 2+ years as my full time job, tapes are now a side hustle, which is still rad. I appreciate you all allowing me to do this full time as long as you have! 

There’s still some total fire being slept on though. If you’ve never heard of some of these- take a chance! This list is a work in progress!



Things you’re sleeping on:

Everything from Domino Sound in New Orleans

Domino Sound is a label as well as mixtape label. Their epic compilations (vinyl to dub mixes featuring extremely rare music from around the world) sell for much more on Discogs than I sell them for. These tapes took a lot of driving to get to and I take a loss overall on these because they rarely are purchased from the site. Start with Ibi Na Bo and go from there!!! 

Everything on Olde Magick Records

Stoney at Olde Magick curates an incredible label of alt/psych/stoner metal. From the bands themselves to the gorgeous packaging, Olde Magick consistently does it right. Take your pic at any given time and you’ll find something here to fall in love with. 

Above The Rim Soundtrack Reissue from

Under $8! Can’t beat that!!! 

Aerosmith - Get Your Wings

If you’re going to pick one Aerosmith album to exemplify the band at its best- pick this one. This isn’t for 90s Aerosmith fans- this early album finds the band rocking in all its bluesy excess. A true classic!!!

All Them Witches - Sleeping Through The War 

A few years back I found myself Shazaming at a bar in New Orleans. Every song was by this band. A real cool psych metal band. Check em out!

Batman (1989) Score by Danny Elfman

Big Grump: The Complete Recordings Industrial hard core punk type metal from the incredible label Tape Dad!

Blowfly Tapes The original comedy rapper!

The Crow Soundtrack 

Featuring “Burn” by The Cure; “Big Empty,” by STP and many more on this absolute 90s Goth time capsule!

Anything by Depeche Mode

Albums like Violator and Ultra were made to be heard in analog. Depeche Mode is one of the greatest bands of all time and are an essential part of any collection. 

Devo Greatest Hits

Devo is one of those bands that get written off as a one hit wonder when in actuality are one of the most incredible bands of all time. Chances are you know way more than just Whip It and this comp is a great place to start with Devo. Fun fact: in 2009 I went to New York to see the Letterman show be taped and Devo was the musical guest! They also played last year’s Riot Fest and I got to hear them rip through soundcheck while setting up my tape booth last year! 🤓

Everything by Elder

Elder is high level psych/stoner/prog and I’m continuously stunned that more people haven’t caught on to this band via my web site. Reflections Of A Floating World is a masterpiece- nothing they’ve done has been bad! The band continues to evolve and if you can find Gold and Silver Sessions on vinyl- scoop it up! (Lore is also incredible)

Faith No More - The Real Thing

When Chuck Mosley left Faith No More, mega fan Mike Patton of Mr Bungle joined up and most fans never looked back. I find people have over looked this album for years (myself included, because of radio’s overplay of Epic) and though it features Patton’s most nasal performance, every song here is brilliant. See why FNM were Metallica’s favorite band!

King Gizzard Live In Melbourne

If you haven’t gotten into this band yet- what a killer place to start! A massively prolific and exciting band, they’ve been licensing their music for free so various labels have been releasing official bootlegs, and this one is stellar. 

Lenny Kravitz Everything

In the 90s, Lenny Kravitz was God and played every instrument on his albums, just like Prince. Any day now the cool kids will rediscover Lenny and his massive catelog of straight up hits. Don’t sleep another 3 decades on Lenny!

Madonna Everything

Madonna in the 80s and 90s was everything. As an 80s kid myself, I always imagined I was the kid in the Open Your Heart To Me video and though that dream never came true, it’s not too late just yet. 😍

Mudhoney Reissues 

Mudhoney was a proto grunge act in the same sound scene as Nirvana and I’ll be dang’d if these reissues won’t rock your brains in the same rad way Nirvana did. Better late than never! 

Roth + Vai: Skyscraper 

The follow up to Eat Em And Smile, the Roth solo era would never again be as great as this album. 

Ty Segall Everything

Ty Segall’s musical output quantity is absolutely astonishing- the guy is relentless. My intro to Ty was Emotional Mugger but Manipulator has risen to the top of his work and is my favorite. The guy fucking rocks- another artist to not be shy about being late to the party on!!!

Silver Jews: American Water

It took David Berman’s passing for me to hear about this band from a friend. Start here and work your way through David’s catelog- his final work, Purple Mountains, is heartbreaking and hilarious. 

Slift: Ummon

At 2 years on, this album smokes like it did the day it was released. One of the absolute most badass space rock epics of the modern musical age. If the opening track doesn’t blow your mind then you may already have died. Hopefully that isn’t the case- get on this rocketship while you still can!!!

Soundgarden: Badmotorfinger

If you’ve never heard “Room A Thousand Years Wide,” please do so now. Thank me a thousand years later. 🤓

Ultravox: The Collection

“Dancing With Tears In My Eyes”- how did I go so long without having heard this song?!