Important- Please Read

Hey y’all,

I’ve been in a financial tailspin for a few months now. 

For those who don’t know- this business has never been profitable. It sustained me for almost 2 years but only allowed me to tread water while sinking into debt. The business was only meant to be full time temporarily during the pandemic. It started as a full time thing when I lost my bartending job and became permanent when Louisiana screwed up on paying me unemployment.

In February the business took a nosedive. I began driving for Doordash and Uber full time to make ends meet. 

In April my car went in for repair in Columbus MS to an authorized Carmax Max Care (warranty) mechanic. The car had suspension issues. The vehicle came out worse than it was when it went in. Unfortunately, due to living in Columbus, MS, I had limited options on mechanics who would work with my warranty. 

Most of the driving I was doing was in Starkville, MS, home of Mississippi State. When the college season ended, so did Uber season.

I began driving to New Orleans and Memphis to drive for Lyft every week. I was camping in rest stops in both cities and driving as much as I could in 3 day streaks. 

I made the decision to move back to New Orleans because the Lyft and Uber economy is steady and there are more options of repair shops who will work with my warranty.

Unfortunately I’m so day to day financially that when the car does finally go in for repairs to be fixed it’s going to eliminate my income. I’m trying to get as much money together as I can so I can get the car fixed as fast as possible and keep working.

Today Carmax confirmed that the shop they authorized basically all but totaled my engine. It runs but is noisy and shakes when running the AC and idling. The small shop I used in MS basically repaired half of the car (one side) and left the other half so I would return and pay them more money. A car I paid $15k for 14 months ago (and will pay on for 34 more months) is now valued at under $3k.

The car has been well maintained and only neglected due to absolute necessity. 

The week I moved back to New Orleans I had a fraud charge on my debit card. Chase cancelled the debit card and a snowball of issues ensued- they have now cancelled my checking account with it loaded with $500 because I was upset about the issues caused when they canceled the debit card. I do not know if they will let me have my money- they are currently holding it and making me jump through hoops to get it. 

The second week I was back in New Orleans I was nearly carjacked on a Lyft ride. Lyft penalized me for canceling a ride and did nothing to help with an investigation. They demoted my driver account and took away hundreds of dollars in bonus opportunities over the following weeks. I am attempting arbitration with them to recoup money lost but it is a long process. I am now full time with Uber instead.

I am asking anyone who can help right now for help. It embarrasses me beyond belief to beg but please know I have barely had a day off since starting this web site and I drive 7 days a week just to scrape by and get the bills paid. My biggest fear is a chain reaction where I lose the car and then lose my place to live. 

I have a record collection of about 90 records and a small personal tape collection that I would hate to have to sell but will sell soon if necessary. 

I would love to be caught up on bills and buying and selling tapes again but it may be a while before I can do that again.

If you are able to help in any way- my digital payment options are as follows:

Venmo: @steve3rdfloortapes (4351)



From the bottom of my embarrassed, ashamed, broke as a joke heart- if you can help- please and thank you.