List Of Site “Stalkers” (ie fucking losers)

If you want to be a huge fucking douche to a small business that hasn’t made a profit in 2 years then this is where your info will end up fir people to use how they see fit. Oh and fuck you if you’re on this list. 

These are people who have caused a great deal of stress to me over tapes- for no reason other than they are bored, sad, pathetic less-than-humans:


#1 Ethan Grepper

I cancelled Ethan’s sub-$10 order because I DON’T. DO. ORDERS. UNDER. $10. Ethan thought it was appropriate to place his order again and then fire off a series of harassing emails that turned into middle of the night phone calls and signed me up for countless government spam email lists. Ethan has been reported to police but because he is across state lines it is difficult to go after him. Fortunately I have a friend moving to Pensacola and I’ll be establishing an office there and filing a restraining order against Ethan soon.

Ethan Grepper, a total fuckwad:

8076 Abby Brooks Circle

Wesley Chapel Florida 33545



#2: Brandon Smith

Brandon placed some orders and then started emailing me after every order to send “fresh, uncracked cases.” Apparently after doing this for several years, the USPS decided to shatter all this guy’s tape cases. So then I would send them, paying for shipping, and then the guy would order again, when he could have said “hey, I’ll place another order and you can send cases with those,” he ended up costing me a lot of fucking money and was a total dickhead. I asked him to not order anymore so he started ordering using his wife’s name like a total fucking creep. Fuck you, Brandon- eat a fucking dick, dude. Maybe you and Ethan can team up and send each other harassing emails and sign each other up for spam! Who knows- I don’t live like a fucking loser so I can’t relate. 

Brandon Smith
440 Church Street
Batavia Illinois 60510