Not a single sale this week. Hearing y’all loud and clear. It’s been a fun 2.5 years! I’ll be batching tapes into lots and moving everything to eBay and Discogs full time. Paying for this site is no longer sustainable. I appreciate all the support here the past 2.5 years! ✌️❤️

Important: Manual Payment Info

IMPORTANT: Manual Payments Accepted: PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Coinbase Wallet. All info follows- PLEASE READ.

Hey y’all,

Sales have totally died so at the moment I’m going to switch things to manual payment only in order to save some $. 

When you check out, you are expected to manually pay the balance immediately or ASAP- meaning you take it upon yourself to pay without waiting for me to contact you or for an invoice- via any of the following methods, as soon as possible. 

PLEASE do not wait for an invoice or for me to contact you to ask you to pay when you already are aware that that is expected of you. THANK YOU!!!😬

(I’m sorry if I sound like a dickhole but after 2500+ orders on this site, at $2-4 an order going to PayPal or Shopify, I really could use that $5,000-10,000 back right about now, so I’m hoping you’ll sympathize and take the extra 30 seconds to help save me money and keep this web site around rather than plummet into another $5,000 pay-hole through 2022.✌️❤️)

Venmo (Preferred): @steve3rdfloortapes (4351)

PayPal: Friends and Family preferred but not mandatory (When the prompt says “paying for goods and services,” change that to “friends and family.” This saves us both money. email for PayPal:

Zelle: Email me and I’ll send you my zelle info!

Cash app: Email me and I’ll send you my cash app info.



Bitcoin Cash (preferred crypto): 


Coinbase wallet: @theplanetofthetapes 

If these payment methods are a dealbreaker for you and you absolutely require Shop Pay or the PayPal portal, email me!