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How I Grade Tapes

Grading Scale: 

I use a simplified, single-grade system which is an average between the condition of the casette tape itself and the j card. I play test as best as possible but it isn't humanly possible to listen to every tape the whole way through. Grading is subjective, so feel free to assess yourself as far as visual grading goes, as 99% of the photos are going to be of the tape you are buying.

All tapes are guaranteed for 30 days unless labeled "As Is." Occasionally I List club copies and forget to specify that they are club copies. This is also usually indicated clearly in photos. Please be aware if you are “anti club copy.” (I’ve had, played and sold club copies for a while now, never had any issues, until a Discogs customer bitched today, 6/25/21)

Fair/As Is: About as low of quality as I will sell, which is very rare.

Good/ As is: Plays good but looks bad and no guarantee. Again- rare here.

 My most common grades are the following:

Good/Good+ Looks bad but will play great unless noted.

VG Looks good, plays great.

VG+ Looks Great, Plays Great. About as good as it gets around here.

NM Near Mint: I don't use terms like "Near mint" sparingly. This is only used if I opened the tape and played it myself 1-3 times. 

Mint/Sealed/New/etc Variations of this are self explanatory. If the tape is new and sealed, assume mint inside. If it's sealed old stock (A sealed older tape) I assume mint inside but depending on how the tape was stored over the years, it could be bad in rare instances.

Any questions please email