Announcements & Discount Codes (Updated 7/21/21)



Shop Pay should be working again!

*My car is currently in the shop. It is a 6 mile walk to and back from the post office. For now, please adhere to a $10 order minimum. I appreciate it!*

Current cheat codes (Updated 7/21/21) 

All prices are being discounted! Please help me clear some things before starting my road trip, where I will still be shipping tapes and records from the road! The clearance section is back up and most tapes are under $3! 

Free shipping on $50+ with code “HOLYSHIP!!!”

Manual payments are now available at checkout in addition to credit card processing and the traditional PayPal portal. These regular checkout options cost a lot of money! It takes longer, but Venmo and PayPal Manual payments help me out a lot by saving me up to 5% per order!  For Venmo (@steve3rdfloortapes / 4351),   PayPal (click here for PayPal instructions),  and Cash App ($s73081)

However you choose to pay- I’m grateful for your support! 🤓❤️